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Mochila Bags Limited is a family owned and operated New Zealand business. We work closely with our Colombian team in Bogotá and Riohacha to bring these precious pieces of art to the World.

First you have to know that "Mochila" is just the way to say "Bag" in South America. There are many styles and different techniques to make them. It depends on the location. Hand made mochilas are knitted by indigenous people who use only natural materials, so the resources are different in every land. The more natural for them the more close to the real tradition. All our Wayuu Mochilas are authentic hand made by indigenous women from La Guajira (Colombia). We practice Fair Trade with indigenous peoples—your purchase sustainably supports the Wayuu Tribe in maintaining their artistic and spiritual traditions and chosen way of life.


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The Wayuu People

"The desert shapes their beliefs, just as the wind shapes the sands"

The Wayuu (pronounced "Wah-You") people are an indigenous group inhabiting the desert of La Guajira Peninsula in Colombia, South America. The Wayuu live in small settlements "rancherias", organized in matrilineal clans, the Wayuu children carry their mother's last name, making the Wayuu women not only the centre of the family but cultural leaders as well.

Women from the Wayuu tribe show the world their enormous cultural wealth through a mix of traditional handcrafted Mochilas. One bag may take between 3-4 full time weeks to complete.To them, the Wayuu Mochilas are an artistic and philosophical way of expressing their cultural beliefs and values. A Mochila is an abstraction of the world and its geometric figures with vibrant threads of wool, remembers the colours of animals, flowers and sceneries that surround the Wayuu tribe .

The Wayuu Mochila Bags have captured the attention of designers and people in the fashion world such as Calvin Klein, Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera. The cost of these Mochila Bags are determined by the design and complexity of their patterns since they require more work. Each Wayuu Mochila Bag is a one of a kind creation, their fabulous designs and electrifying colors make it a stunning piece of art.

There is a bag for every season!

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